Friday, October 28, 2011

What's up, DOC

After cracking out on Breaking Bad for the past few weeks and trying really hard not to fall into a similar pattern with Walking Dead, I declared it a documentary night. I've been finding myself unintentionally watching (but definitely happy that I found them) docs that surround the subject of the Gerson Therapy.  The first documentary I watched was "The Gerson Miracle"which was the main, introductory documentary of the Gerson Therapy for curing cancer.

The Gerson Therapy can be summed up as a vegan, organic, raw fruits and vegetables (mainly juices and fresh salads) diet with no salt nor animal fat and then there's the organic coffee enemas.  You can decide how you feel about the enemas - which aids the eliminations of toxins in the liver and kidneys, but this way of holistic healing through the diet has been curing cancer since the late 1920's after Dr. Max Gerson tried this diet out in order to rid himself of his chronic migraines.  He succeeded and even cured his daughter, Charlotte Gerson of skin tuberculosis when she was a child and at 89, she is now the oldest living person who has survived skin tuberculosis.

Charlotte Gerson has carried on her father's work and continues to be a very inspirational woman to many people including myself and those who were told that they were terminally ill and that they should go home and be prepared for their life to end shortly.  When they've been left with no hope, people often turn to the Gerson Clinic and give it a try and many cases of cancer, with males and females, adults and children and at different stages have been cured through their simple for some (more dramatic for others) change in diet.

Charlotte Gerson, with her clear, radiant skin 
who's nearly 90 years-old and does not need reading glasses 
is mind blowing proof that the Gerson Therapy works. 

The story is amazing and extremely inspiring to me and to my luck I've found related documentaries where other people curiously look into the Gerson Therapy to see if this is proven to be successful or not.  One of them, in which I watched this evening and by far is the best, is called The Beautiful Truth.  It touches on GMOs, the horrible companies that are running the GMO show including Monsanto (the enemy), how people who work for said companies end up in political office where they are supposed to be regulating these companies and then end up returning to these companies...yeah, bad news...and the relation of processed, toxic, lethal foods to cancer.  Which all leads back to the curiosity of the Gerson Therapy as the best treatment for cancer.

In a documentary I watched not to long ago I was struck by a particular cartoon type sketch they showed briefly.  It read "CUT! BURN! POISON!" which cut translates to people turning to surgery, burn being radiation from chemotherapy and poison from the pharmaceutical drugs we as a society rely heavily on just to get by day to day.  These are all the extreme and dramatic options we are often given as a solution and treatment when we go to a doctor.  But what does all of that lead to? Money.  Money in the pockets of the doctors for putting money in the hands of these pharmaceutical drug companies because people believe that they have to do these extremely dangerous and potentially if not definitely harmful to your health "treatments" side effects with pills, the dangers of surgery and going under, the outrageousness that is chemotherapy.  Healing should be healing, not having adverse side effects.

I've found major inspiration from the tremendously successful and healthy holistic healing that is the Gerson Therapy and have huge admiration for Charlotte Gerson and all of the work she's done in her lifetime.  I can't help but be excited to share this with everyone I know.  My intent is to inspire others and show them the way to a healthier life devoid of cancers and obesity and diabetes and other debilitating illnesses caused from what can be put very lightly as "a poor diet"and hope that at the least, one person will get inspired the way I have and use this information to help change and/or save their life.  Healthier is happier.

I leave you with these links:
Watch The Gerson Miracle
Watch The Beautiful Truth

Knowledge is power, EAT IT UP!
Besos, Besos <3 Adriana


  1. Good Post! True healing happens from above down inside out-these are the tenants of principled chiropractic. Medicine's leaves people that healing happens from the outside in-in the forms of all the crazy modalities they have created. BTW- Have you heard of William Kelly? Another natural cancer healing approach.

  2. You know, I have seemed to misplace your AWESOME list of suggested reads and films. I will look into this though, as I know you are full of great recommendations! Thanks, Jake :)