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Meet My Earthly Delights Farm Crew | Root Veggie Recipe

The boyfriend + I posing on a 1950's John Deere tractor at my family's ranch.  Yeehaw!

Spring harvest morning at Earthly Delights Farm
Time flies when you're having fun and man oh man, that couldn't be more of the case for my life lately.
My blog left off as I was preparing for my internship at Earthly Delights Farm, full of excitement for the arrival of spring and all that life had in store for me.  Spring has been a wild ride of storms and sunshine, wind and ninety degree heat but the plants are growing and I can't complain about that!  I've fallen for my Farm Crew and from the energy and inspiration I gain from them and within myself I've been developing fruitful relationships and building valuable projects.  My, how quickly my agenda has filled up and my priorities have been put in order.

My Farm Crew is made up of a group of amazing individuals who for the most part agree on all of the issues and understand that when you have talent or drive, you must use it and encourage this in others.  We started out as six and just recently said goodbye to a one of the members as he, in true Crew fashion, left to support his loved one as she moved out-of-state for a new job.  He'll always be a part of us as his energy is still felt on the farm.  We have pulled together to find the strength he once provided and have become even closer as we each become more crucial to our smaller group.  We're down to one awesome guy, who has all of the skill and more to become Boise's new all-around "It Green Guy."  As I mentioned in the last post you should read his blog here - you won't be disappointed when you enter his amazing mind filled with interesting thoughts and noteworthy points.  He's mega smart and will put his words into action anytime, anywhere.  I see him being a big deal here in the rise of Boise's sustainable scene.  Got to give it up to Anton Filicetti!

2012 Earthly Delights Farm Crew + Brew

Lunchtime + Discussion out of the elements
One of the four ladies in our group, Megan Williams is a mega-talented writer who is very involved with the Boise Poetry scene.  She is a super rad lady and a new mommy to a bunny named Buffy.  This lady of many talents was recently featured as a guest on Radio Boise's program "The Writers' Block" and can cook something fierce up.  Emily is my vegan pal - strength in numbers! - woohoo!  She is one smart cookie from Wisconsin who is now helping our schools change the way they feed their students - for the better,  of course- think less grains, less meat, more veggies, less processed and more fresh options.  She and I consider ourselves to be "the muscles" of the farm (hehe) and as I used to rescue german shepherds, she fosters boxers!  Then there is our wonderful Mae aka the "Maenimal."  Green thumb?  She's green from her feet up!  She has a natural talent with plants and gardens.  She is quite the hostess with the mostess and makes a rather enjoyable dinner guest as well.  We have vesper nightcaps and shut down farm parties going beer for beer.  Can anyone say, awesome bromance?

  My Farm Crew w/ loved ones (MIA is Mae + Em) showing support for my First Thursday event at The Press 
Hand-painted by yours truly!
  Last but not least, the ring leader - if you will - of us all, Casey O'Leary.  I've never heard a bad word about this woman and she lives up to her radical reputation.  She loves dirt, beer and hard work all the same.  She is - as far as I'm concerned - the bee's knees.  She started the CSA farm Earthly Delights and just this year branched out into the landscaping business under the same name.   She knows her stuff and I'm honored to be learning from a woman whose swear words flow and talk of beers fit hand in hand with her knowledge of soil, composting, weeds, plant genus and species names and etc.  We have become quite the tight-knit crew through our joined efforts on the farm, lunchtime discussions, side projects and oh yeah, just having fun!  The happiness, confidence, friendship and strength I gain from this group is beyond belief.  I know that I am amongst uniquely awesome and incredibly inspiring folk and they set the bar pretty high for others!  This proves that seeking out others by chasing my own dreams and interests is quite possibly the best way to find the support.

We often lose track of who we truly are, what our passions are and what we believe in.  A good support system will not let this happen.  They will push and encourage you to do what they can see is a part of you.  I have found my Farm Crew, my boyfriend, a few of my close friends and my family to be just what I need - nothing less, but often times more.  To them and anyone else that inspires, motivates and cheers on the dreams and ideas of others, I say thank you!  May we all learn from another and make things happen!

Anton's "Bomb" Root Veggie Salad (or how I remembered it!)
Sweet Potatoes
   + any other root veggie desired

1.  Cut up the root veggies
2.  Bake at 420 degrees with oil, garlic + herbs - such as rosemary, basil or sage until tender
3.  Place root veggies over a salad - Earthly Delight's arugula, spinach, red giant mustard greens
4.  Add balsamic vinegar a squeeze of lime + enjoy!

My babies! My lettuce crop:  Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce


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