Sunday, June 17, 2012

M A K E It Happen!

I cook, farm, create, write, organize and now I MAKE!  As the lady behind Begin Vegan and an Intern with Earthly Delights Farm, I have been appointed as Food + Farm Director for Boise Mini Maker Faire 2013. This is the first Maker Faire here in Boise, Idaho and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of this.

Boise Mini Maker Faire Directors signing out first banner brought
 from the San Fran Maker Faire!  Thanks, Adrian!
One of the reasons I relocated back to Boise, Idaho is because I knew I belonged here.  I came back to grow with my city.  I feel that we - this city, my fellow citizens and I, are on this fantastic journey to making our mark on the map for much more than just being the state capital.

Boise is full of innovative, talented and original artists of all mediums.  We are creators and in May 2013 we will have a platform to show and tell.

I don't mean to brag (oh, but I do!), however, ... Boise has placed:
and my favorite finding

With the music scene blowing up, Treefort Music Fest was the cherry on top that tied together all of the emerging artists and the very cool locally-driven Radio Boise (Antler Crafts, anyone?)   I'm proud to bring another smashing event in Boise, Idaho to provide the citizens the chance to present their skills and works - known and unknown, and share the knowledge and the how-to's of their projects.  The spirit of Maker Faire is to get to know those who are making and see how they make and why they make.  Described as an "adult science fair" in the Boise Weekly article written by the lovely Tara Morgan - it's all about the launch, curiosity, sharing, networking and education - minus any talks of religion and politics and definitely no sales pitch.   It's very no-stings-attached, all fun-sided learning for the made-curious!

Adrian, Jen, myself, Heather and Carol - part of your Boise Maker Faire team.
Picture by Barton - also part of the team!
I've been an eager DIY-er since I was little.  As a kiddo, I used to cross stitch, illustrate, write short stories, design super high tech furniture, jump into the kitchen as much as I could and on and on...!  I'm still nothing short of fascinated with what people can make.  From dresses to homes (earthships) people are making amazing things out there.

As the first ever Food + Farm Director, I'm following a "Farm to Table" theme where we can all learn the DIY aspect of food.

My signed flag on the official Boise Maker Fair banner! 
As the first ever Food + Farm 

At the 2013 Boise Mini Maker Faire we'll also be exploring what food is, what's in your food, who makes your food.  You'll be able to interact with the maker and learn how it's done and why.

Boise's Urban Agriculture movement is proving beneficial for the health and wellness of our communities, our environment and our local economy.  At this event you can learn sustainable food growing practices and then teach others.  I can't wait to see what the Boise community brings to the table!

If you are a maker of any sort - trust me, there will be a category for you and your hobby - whether it be a little garage hobby or something grand and perfected please sign up to be a part of the start of something really unique and wonderful.


Come one, come all + click here to become a maker!



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