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Spring Cleaning the Body, Mind + Spirit | Recipe Included!

Spring Cleanse Morning Green Juice Ingredients:  3 Celery Stalks, 1/2 Cucumber, 1/2 Green Apple, 1/2 Lemon (w/ Peel) +
1/2 C Parsley
Pre-gaming with Green Juice, popping fiber pills and taking it easy.  WOO, SPRING BREAK!  While others were going hard, and well, certainly not helping their livers, I was detoxing mine with my second annual Spring Cleanse.  I am always excited to do the week-long spring + fall cleanses, but usually I'm equally awaiting for them to end as well.  This year was different.  I experienced cleansing both of the mind + body, clearing the way for the spirit, + in a way, I have continued the cleanse well past the end of the week.

The Last Sugars - The labor + cost intensive "gift" of all-organic dirt cake
I was ahead of the game to begin with, having been abstaining from alcohol + sugar for about a month prior to the start of this cleanse.  This whole no sugar deal came about while pulling a typical Adri move.  I show my love through food + often give sweets as gifts.  Wanting to welcome the new interns to Earthly Delights Farm, I thought I'd "pass the torch" with a super rich, hearty dirt cake.  I bought all organic ingredients:  Peanut Butter Newman-O's, Jolly Worms (organic gummy worms), organic chocolate pudding which I made with all organic milk + even made organic chocolate brownies + frosting.  This "dirt" was going to be the best in town!!  After my first batch of pudding made with rice milk completely failed to thicken + my inability to stop snacking on the finished brownies, frosting + Newman-O's as I waited, I had to go back + buy all of these ingredients again which certainly added up in cost + had me fed up with how much work I was putting into this simple treat.  I was determined to make this happen no matter what + after it was done I felt great to give this gift to Casey + the 2013 gang, but I felt physically awful.  The sugar had made me feeling shaky as if I was going through withdrawals + I couldn't justify all of the money + time I poured into something that has almost no nutritional value.  I realized these negative feelings + thoughts were telling me that I shouldn't be putting this into my body, giving this as a "gift," nor wasting my money on such products.

The amazing Dad + Daughter O'Leary
duo decked out in their irish finest!
Everything was going great after I got rid of the sugar.  I ordered a book called, The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program which I decided on after a lot of researching different books + the methods they provide to quit sugar.  The method used for sugar addicts or sugar sensitive people, like myself, was to slowly cut out sugar while making sure that you have enough protein in your daily diet, eating three meals a day, not snacking, + eating a small potato every night 3 hours after you consume protein at dinner, 3 hours before bedtime.  I hadn't really started the plan but hadn't consumed any sort of sugar since the beginning of March.  Then, at a dinner party I had on the eve of St. Pat's Day, I was invited to spend the holiday with Casey, the O'Leary family + all of their friends.  My original plans for the day were to make green colored foods + do my laundry.  I hadn't really ever celebrated St. Patrick's Day properly, with real irish people before + decided that I would check this off of my bucket list! The next day I drank enough Jameson from the hours of 4pm-Midnight-ish(?!) to have become irish myself!  Ha!  I had made up my mind that this would be the one day that I allow myself to indulge in all sorts of irish goodness and that Monday would be back to normal - no sugar, no alcohol.  Glad I made room for the goodies at the party - Guinness Mac + Cheese, Bailey's Cheesecakes, Jameson Corned Beef - I mean you name it, there was an irish alcohol infusion for it!  I ended up having a couple pieces of cheesecake + some veggie side dishes that were all so amazing.  The party was so much fun + I'm so glad I went all out with the O'Learys + friends! 

This was only a small area of one of the tables set up for food.  Many times the table was cleared and filled with new dishes!  Green + alcohol-infused EVERYTHING!  

Cheers!  Morning Green-Tinis made with the
ingredients shown + listed for the Green Juice
From Jameson mixed with powdered-greens + my first Irish Car Bomb to the fresh morning green juice that welcomed every day of my Spring Cleanse, the transition was quite easy and rather tasty.  It had been about two weeks since my shamrockin' holiday indulgence + I hadn't had any sugar nor alcohol.  I felt great and the berry breakfast that followed the green juice was heavenly!
Every day is structured slightly differently to work up to cleansing the liver in a week of consuming a lot of raw, fresh veggies throughout the day, fruits in the am only + light dinners of soups.  Your liver gets a helping hand with the detoxification + elimination, jump-starting your body into a renewed state for spring.  I noticed that since I had for the most part, stayed clear of all types of sugars before the cleanse, that I wasn't even thinking about wanting a drink or dessert.  I wasn't having the cravings for these types of food + drink, anyways.
I experienced a new challenge on this cleanse that was beyond the body.  

4DAYOGA | Treefort Wristband
Long before I was thinking about my cleanse, I was all hyped up on Boise's Second Annual Treefort Music Festival.  They were announcing all of the bands and one of my favorite bands, Animal Collective were scheduled to play - making it a necessity to buy a ticket!  I purchased a four day pass so that I could also see Built To Spill play multiple times though the festival.  Bought my pass, was super excited, and then I received the worst news.  While throwing back my St. Pat's whiskeys - I found out that Animal Collective cancelled their tour due to a case of laryngitis.  Major bummer, but there was always Built To Spill, Widowspeak, Baths + Shlohmo... + of course, a hundred or so other bands that I could check out.  I planned out a new schedule of who I wanted to see, when I'd see them + where. 
Then I started my cleanse.

One of the vintage duds I picked up at the Bricofort at the
Treefort Music Festival - A bright orange, mod a-line dress

It wasn't that I wanted to party or that I needed a drink to attend a show, but the cleanse is meant to be your main priority.  During the week you are eating less, always preparing your meals, journaling + performing other tasks to take the cleansing further and therefore it's important to do less outside of the cleanse.

There's always a day in these cleanses that is exceptionally hard on the body.  This time around it was Day 3 which came with headaches, exhaustion + moodiness.  I was supposed to be excited about Treefort.  Everyone was there, checking in, posting status updates + pictures, tagging + tweeting about all of the exciting days and endless nights of music + festivities.  I had to come to terms with my cleanse being priority number one and being more beneficial to my body than being at a crowded party zone with loud music, not to mention the stress of packing all of my very specific meals and (if needed) snacks + carrying them around a festival all day.  I chose to take the advice specifically stated in the intro to the cleanse + decided to stay away from large crowds and do less.  With the helpful perspective of my roommate + an article on sunk money that she linked me to, I could look at the purchase of my 4 Day Treefort Pass (which I didn't use to see a single act) not as a waste of money, but rather as a donation to an awesome event that I truly do support regardless of my physical attendance or absence.  I felt great for transforming an otherwise stressful situation of wasting my money + not seeing any bands to a making the right decision by trusting my body + choosing to look at my money spent as a donation that will keep this festival continuing for years to come, giving me plenty more of opportunities to attend.  Plus, I did save 20% off of my new gardening journal at the Record Exchange with my 4 Day wristband + scored some sweet vintage threads at the Bricofort!

Seems to be the chain reaction from cleansing!
Following a week of restricted nut butter, no dairy + a lot of detox medley salads it was a piece of cake (ha!) to start implementing the steps to changing the diet to support the removal of sugar.  The plan starts with eat protein with breakfast.  No need to cut sugar out right away (even though I had already done that weeks in advance - this doesn't work for everyone), just simply make sure you are getting protein with breakfast.  Next, you make sure to have protein with all 3 meals while eliminating any snacking in between.  It is suggested that you wait no longer than 5 hours in between meals and that if you do you snack on a small protein-packed snack such as almonds or a chunk of cheese.  Next step is to add a small portion of potato to help the brain receive the tryptophan (from the protein at dinner) so that you can produce serotonin which turns into melatonin, leading you to a good night's sleep with some wild dreams!   The last step is to eliminate sugar, which has you go through cabinets, getting rid of sugar and helping you learn all of the various names sugar goes by.  

I followed the plan completely.  I thought it was formed very well, easy to follow + noticed the changes in my body immediately.  I had to come up with a meal plan that would work with my schedule and although I ran into challenges where I have to rely on raw fruits + veggies (clashing with Ayurveda teachings that raw is hard on the digestion), but the most important thing is that my blood sugar is a lot more steady now and furthermore, my mood is a lot more stable, I am more calm + aware of how what I'm eating affects my energy + emotions. Introducing the potato into my nightly routine seemed pretty weird + made me feel guilty! However, I noticed that I became tired after a few hours of consuming the potato + the dreams are a really cool indicator that this is indeed working.  I haven't caved into sugary sweets yet + I really don't miss it!  I get what I need from natural goodies like bananas (my favorite fruit!) + I've learned to replace the gift of dessert with more thoughtful, useful, beneficial presents which gives more meaning to what I'm truly celebrating.

Spaghetti w/ local lamb + topped with fiddlehead ferns I picked up at the Boise Farmer's Market.  Sauce was homemade with tomatoes + tons of veggies, all from last year's harvest at Earthly Delights Farm.  SO good!
My inner ayurvedic + yogic nerd is shining outwards with
happiness + love love love for this amazing book
Always taking the overachiever route, when I bought the book to quit sugar, I also picked up The One Plan by Yogi Cameron.  This book claims to guide you to your truest self in one year through Ayurvedic + yoga principles.  As a self-proclaimed "Ayurveda junkie" + "yoga addict," this self help book (my favorite books!) has been on my must-have list.  So far I have been through 5 weeks of this program that aims to restoring your natural health and happiness based on ancient text known as the Yoga Sutras compiled by the Indian sage Patanjali.  The Yoga Sutras have formed the philosophy of the yogic path and Yogi Cameron takes us through it week by week starting with the first two weeks practicing nonviolence.   Weeks 3 and 4 focus on truthfulness, followed by weeks 5 + 6:  nonstealing. Each of these are practiced through the body, mind + spirit.  This book has helped me form my own plan, choosing which areas I want to focus on each week while incorporating meditation + holding to a structure that allows me to stick to already made routines + start new ones that further my progress.   I've already noticed personal progress with the prevention of negative, harmful thoughts + actions to my body + mind and an awareness to how I treat myself + those around me based on my own fears and/or ability to love and accept myself.  This has certainly been a lot of introspective work but well worth every second of it.

Two months, one week long spring cleanse, one powerful decision to cut sugar out of the diet, two books, three meals a day with protein, aiming for no snacks, countless hours of yoga + meditation.
My recipe for success has been simple, but not so easy.  It's been a great way to kickstart happiness, good health + well being. Though it's been tough + intense, all of my practices + dedication has seemed to come together.  I've learned a lot about my body, mind + the food connection while taking myself to new levels of trusting my body + giving it the proper nutrition it needs for ultimate health + happiness. I'm proud to have set my goals high and achieve them, overcoming any obstacles.  Life will throw tests your way, but follow your heart + believe in yourself + you will succeed!

Stay strong + carry on!
Now, let's get cooking!

This recipe is from the book, The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program.  This recipe has protein in the forms of the cottage cheese, egg whites + oats.  This is an Adri-tested + approved recipe that you can make in no time, get creative with + enjoy your way!


Cinnamon Oat Pancakes
1  c   Rolled Oats                         1.  Chop oats in blender or food processor.
1  c   Cottage Cheese                   2.  Add the cottage cheese + blend until mixture is smooth.
2   Egg Whites                             3.  Beat egg whites until fluff + add to oatmeal cheese mixture.
2    tsp   Vanilla Extract                4.  Add vanilla + cinnamon.
1/2  tsp   Cinnamon                      - If batter seems thick, thin it by adding a little milk  
      Milk                                             5.  Stir in any fruit you'd like.  I used 1/2 banana, mashed.
  (I used my homemade oat milk)        6.  Bake on a nonstick skillet or lightly greased griddle on
      Fresh fruit                                           medium heat, dropping 2 Tbsp batter per pancake.
                                                         7.  Turn when edges are lightly browned.
If you enjoyed this recipe, let me know!  I would love to hear about any experiences you'd like to share about eliminating sugar + it's many forms from your diet!
Please contact me for any further information or questions you might have.
Namaste :)


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